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Iman Omari SoundPack™

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 The Iman Omari SoundPack™ is FINALLY HERE!  Your one stop to vibe out your tracks. This sound pack comes with a vibey selection of over 70 midi chord progressions, percussion one shot samples, and Synth Leads/Chords (wav/aif) . Use them as-is (dry) or add some fx to meet your production needs.
* Midi Progressions and Lead Lines (13)
* Synth Chords and Lead Lines [wav/aif] (10)
* Iman Omari Drum Breaks (7)
*  One Shot Drum Sounds (40)
* 16-bit/44.1 wav/aif format.
* Compatibility (Logic, Reason, Ableton, FL Studio, Protools)
Mastered HQ sounds
Sounds hand-picked and played by Iman Omari.
Instagram: @Iman_Omari

Iman Omari during his Mass Appeal

"Yes, I added that one snare i use in the pack"!  
- Iman Omari